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This tool enables you to calculate the Good and Services Tax in Australia.


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Goods and Services Tax Australia

On this website you can calculate the GST on a certain amount. It is a fact that many people have trouble calculating the GST amount. Calculating the GST amount can be useful in many situations. For example when a customer wants to know if a company has calculated the right GST amount or when an entrepreneur has to create an invoice and consequently has to calculate the GST. This website has been created for people who are having trouble calculating the right GST amount and for people who are a bit lazy to calculate the GST amount themselves. On this site you find a handy tool which calculates the GST amount automatically.

Why is it useful to calculate GST? Calculating GST can be helpful for several purposes. Sometimes you have to calculate the GST on an amount and mention this on an invoice. Sometimes you want to check if you did not pay too much GST. It is smart and profitable to calculate the GST on this site because you can always be sure that the GST calculation is 100% correct. When you calculate the GST yourself with a calculating machine or using pen and paper, there is always a chance that the calculation is not entirely correct. In small enterprises this happens often. The reason is that good accounting software is expensive and small enterprises often use MS Word to create an invoice. The disadvantage of using MS Word is that you have to calculate the GST yourself. For that this site is ideal because you always know that the calculations are 100% correct.

How does this site work? Calculating the GST is very simple and easy. You fill in an amount and you push on the button to add GST to a price or to take GST off a price. Subsequently you will see the total price, the net price and the GST amount.